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Nomadic Exclusive Tour of Mongolia.

Where your journey begins

Traditional Mongolian life is based on the herding of five kinds of animals.

Discover Fantastic Places

Mongolia is a diverse land with many beautiful places to discover.

home stay & daily life

We can offer you to having a possibility travel see live in herds family & Mongolian nomadic life. These trip 6 different region of travel and one’s own interested trip...

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Cultural tours

Nomadic shamanism, Nomadic religion tours, Mongolian ethnic people, Chinggis khaan birthplace, Reindeer family /Huvsgul province/, Buruyat shaman tour /Dornod province/...

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Hagiin khar lake

Horse riding tour /Wild nature/ - Hagiin khar lake, Hagiin Har Lake is located in Khentii Mountains, 180 km from capital city of Mongolia. An about 1817.3 meters above sea level with depth...

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Nature tours

Bird watching, Huvsgul lake, Gobi, Ogii lake & Terelj national park, Flower, Huvsgul lake, Gobi, Ogii lake - Terelj national park, Wild Horse tour, Hustai national park, Trip of beautiful natural...

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Welcome to Mongolia

Mongolia has wide vast land, blue sky, high mountains, pure deep lakes, virgin nature, rare plants and wild animals. Also, you can travel through land of Chinggis Khaan, ancient cultural heritages and you will be in nomadic people’s life atmosphere such as staying in a Ger riding Mongolian horses, camels and yaks. Mongolian tradition food is so unique; here you can eat pure natural milk products such as Airag /mare’s milk/, dried cheese, etc. In the day, time you’ll be under blue sky, but in de night time you will see thousands of shiny stars through your Ger’s top window. If you would like to change your environment for a while, this is the place where you need to be. Here people live under nature, their civilization is nomadic, and their religion is shamanism and Buddhism. You can describe Mongolia by unique, ancient, beautiful, virgin and wild.

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